About Us

American specializes in planning, design and construction engineering and inspection of transportation facilities, with locations in the south and midwest regions. Public agencies represent 98% of our workload. We strive to find innovative solutions for complex transportation projects. American’s emphasis is on value and superior service and is regarded with the utmost integrity and importance. We have established relationships and a keen understanding of the needs and requirements of federal, state and local governments.

Employee-Owned Firm

American is 100% owned by members actively working for the company. Having an employee-owned firm gives owners the unique opportunity to act as professionals who manage our projects. This structure helps us maintain our focus on client services, offers stability among projects, and gives us the ability to react to client needs.

Community Involvement

Since American’s inception, we have dedicated resources to build partnerships within the communities we live and work. We believe that community involvement is not only a civic duty, but that we are accountable to our communities and the environment. Our concept of serving our communities isn’t limited to transportation and infrastructure needs – we believe in being actively involved in the social and cultural fabric of the area. Our employees actively participate in numerous community organizations and help to raise awareness for social causes through donations, fundraising, and volunteering. For more information on American’s involvement in the community, follow us on Facebook.