20th Street Extension from Zephyrhills East Bypass (Chancy Road)

American prepared the right-of-way maps and all legal descriptions necessary for the construction. GEOPAK was utilized to aid in the design process. 20th Street was extended approximately one-half mile to complete a new north-south corridor.{…}

Ambassador Bridge Enhancement

Design of a high level bridge over the Detroit River between the US and Canada. The project included numerous permits from federal, state, local and provincial agencies in both the Unites States and Canada; Environmental Assessment{…}

Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project, Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Statement

Prepared environmental documents for the construction of a new bridge crossing adjacent to the Ambassador Bridge. The six-lane facility is entirely elevated and extends over 6,000 feet (1828.8 m) connecting to the existing customs plazas{…}

Ambassador Detroit/Niagara River Crossings

Provided 3D modeling and animation services, video production services, as well as graphic design services for the Niagara and Detroit River Crossings. As part of the extensive public involvement, public meetings and hearings were held{…}

CEI Services for Three Projects Along SR 78 (Pine Island)

American is currently providing CEI services on three projects located along SR 78. The intent of the 413695-1-62-01 project is to provide roadway improvements by widening the existing two lane roadway to four lanes near{…}

City of North Port Traffic Studies

American has performed numerous Traffic Signal Warrant Analyses at 14 intersections throughout the City of North Port. For each intersection, a thorough field review was performed to conduct a condition diagram of the intersection, analyze{…}

College Drive/Holiday Avenue Roundabout NEPA and Design

Design of a five-leg two lane roundabout to combine SR 52, College Drive and the I-75 southbound ramps. West Bridge Road was relocated approximately 90 feet west of the existing location to provide greater separation{…}

Coral Creek CEI and Value Engineering

This project consisted of the Construction Engineering & Inspection for the construction of a new bridge over Coral Creek waterway on a slightly shifted alignment. The structure is located on a horizontal curve and consists{…}

CR 131 / Elliott Road at Walnut Creek

This project involves the replacement of the structurally deficient two-lane bridge on CR 131/Elliott Road over Walnut Creek. The roadway approaches on both sides of the bridge will be improved to conform to GDOT standards.{…}

CR 41 / Ft. King Highway, Intersection With Daughtery Road

Prepared the right-of-way maps and all legal descriptions necessary for construction and was responsible for answering RFIs from the contractor during construction in regards to any survey layout, right-of-way or survey control questions. The existing{…}