Design-Build for the Installation of Median Cable Barrier Along I-75, I-275, I-95 and I-4

American was responsible for the design of several Median Cable Barrier installation projects. Each project included cable-barrier to prevent vehicles from crossing the median, eliminating median crossover accidents. The barriers consisted of double face steel{…}

I-10 Rest Areas Design-Build

As lead engineer, American prepared plans for the demolition and replacement of four existing rest area facilities. Three of the rest areas were constructed in the same locations as the existing facilities. The Okaloosa eastbound{…}

I-75 at Bonita Beach Road Design-Build

American was the lead engineer for specific improvements that included the widening of Bonita Beach Road to provide for dual left turn lanes and necessary storage for traffic accessing the on ramps to I-75; widening{…}

I-75 from the Pasco/Hernando County Line to South of SR 50 Design-Build

This 5.4-mile project widens the existing 4-lane divided rural interstate to a 6-lane rural interstate with 12-foot shoulders (10-foot paved) and milling and resurfacing of the existing pavement to provide cross slope correction. American is{…}

I-95 Weigh-in-Motion Enforcement Stations Design-Build

American was the lead engineer to design a weigh enforcement station. The NB WIM station is located just south of CR 708 on I-95 in Martin County. The WIM facility requested for this station was{…}

Michael Kosinski Bridge Replacement

American designed the replacement of this seven-span timber bridge. The replacement bridge is a three-span (55’:55’:55’) structure using precast prestressed concrete beams supported on pile bents. The project included significant public involvement relating to bridge{…}

Old Dupont Bridge Superstructure Demolition

American was the lead engineer for the demolition of this historic bridge, which consisted of five existing 180-ft truss spans, twenty-two 45-ft approach spans and the remaining substructure to a depth of two feet below{…}