Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project, Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Statement

Prepared environmental documents for the construction of a new bridge crossing adjacent to the Ambassador Bridge. The six-lane facility is entirely elevated and extends over 6,000 feet (1828.8 m) connecting to the existing customs plazas{…}

College Drive/Holiday Avenue Roundabout NEPA and Design

Design of a five-leg two lane roundabout to combine SR 52, College Drive and the I-75 southbound ramps. West Bridge Road was relocated approximately 90 feet west of the existing location to provide greater separation{…}

Crosstown Parkway Extension Conceptual Environmental Resource Permit (ERP)

American obtained a conceptual ERP for a new crossing over the North Fork St. Lucie River, involving a state park, an aquatic preserve, and state sovereign submerged lands. In addition, American created two mitigation packages.{…}

Districtwide PD&E Services

American supported the District in the development, evaluation, and/or documentation of planning, engineering, environmental and cultural resource activities as outlined in the PD&E Manual. Tasks included the implementation of community involvement/public information programs, assisting in{…}

I-275 at I-4 Downtown Tampa Interchange PD&E Re-evaluation

American is performing a project development and environment (PD&E) design change re-evaluation of the original I-275/I-4 Interchange portion of the Tampa Interstate Study (TIS) final environmental impact statement (FEIS). The project is located in central{…}

PD&E for SR 50, Brooksville Bypass to I-75

This project involves preparing a project development and environment (PD&E) study to evaluate a multi-lane roadway improvement along SR 50 from the Brooksville Bypass/SR 50A/East Jefferson Street to I-75 in Hernando County, a distance of{…}

US 90 PD&E Study from Scenic Highway to the Santa Rosa County Line and from the Escambia County Line to Glover Lane

American is performing a PD&E study for US 90 within Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties, from Scenic Highway to Glover Lane. The length of the study area is approximately 11 miles. The project includes review{…}