Old Dupont Bridge Superstructure Demolition

Client: FDOT District 3

Location: Bay County, Florida

Construction Value: $3.9 million

Completion Date: 2008


American was the lead engineer for the demolition of this historic bridge, which consisted of five existing 180-ft truss spans, twenty-two 45-ft approach spans and the remaining substructure to a depth of two feet below the mud line. Portions of the demolished bridge, including all truss spans, were then taken to a permitted Large Area Artificial Reef Site (LAARS) to create a new artificial reef in the Gulf of Mexico. The State Historic Preservation Office required that the truss spans rest upright on the bottom with a memorial plaque attached to one of the vertical members commemorating the historic nature of the bridge. This project included permitting with FDEP, USACE, and Bay County, as well as coordination with the USCG on navigational clearances. The permits included a Seagrass Protection and Substrate Restoration Plan, Endangered Species Watch Plan, and Water Quality Plan. In order to meet the construction schedule, American conducted frequent multi-agency meetings to expedite the permitting process. A Section 7 Consultation was conducted with USFWS and NMFS for federally threatened species such as the manatee, sea turtles, smalltooth sawfish and sturgeon. In addition, American obtained a nest removal permit from the FFWCC for an osprey nest located on the bridge to be demolished. American provided a documentary video, due to the historical significance of the bridge and its engineering aspects. Historical markers were placed in the Earl Gilbert Park and at the reef site.

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Project Category: Design-Build