PD&E for SR 50, Brooksville Bypass to I-75

PD&E for SR 50, Brooksville Bypass to I-75

Client: FDOT District 7

Location: Hernando County, Florida

Start Date: May 2014

Completion Date: Estimated May 2016


This project involves preparing a project development and environment (PD&E) study to evaluate a multi-lane roadway improvement along SR 50 from the Brooksville Bypass/SR 50A/East Jefferson Street to I-75 in Hernando County, a distance of approximately 8.2 miles. The scope of work includes evaluating the widening of SR 50 from four to six lanes, as well as evaluating intersection improvements at East Jefferson Street/Cortez Boulevard, Griffin Road, Mondon Hill Road/Spring Lake Highway, and Lockhart Road. The project will evaluate engineering and environmental effects from the proposed improvements. A public involvement program is being conducted and includes coordination with the public, Hernando County, local, state, and federal agencies and other community interest groups and stakeholders. A series of newsletters are being developed to provide facts about the project to the public and other interested parties. A public hearing will also be held for this project to obtain public comments. This project will be processed as a Type II categorical exclusion with approval from the Federal Highway Administration.

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Project Category: PD&E/Environmental/NEPA