I-75 from South of CSX/Broadway Avenue to I-4

I-75 from South of CSX/Broadway Avenue to I-4

Client: FDOT District 7

Location: Hillsborough County, Florida

Start Date: August 2014

Completion Date: April 2020


This project consists of providing roadway and interchange improvements on I-75 from south of Martin Luther King (MLK) Boulevard to I-4 to improve I-75 mainline operations and eliminate the weave between MLK and I-4 along the northbound direction. The existing I-75 typical section consists of six 12-foot lanes (three in each direction) with 10-foot paved shoulders. American is analyzing various options for the CD road and interchange and determined the greatest value, level of service, and safety, with the least impact to utilities. The project will be accomplished in tasks: Task one will consist of traffic analysis to verify the interchange type at this location. A future task will include design of the recommended interchange type, along with the at-grade CD road. The drainage improvements will be linear ponds and floodplain compensation. Permits are expected from the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the Southwest Florida Water Management District, US. Army Corps of Engineers, and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

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Project Category: Roadway / Traffic Engineering