I-75 and SR 60 from South of SR 60 at Slip Ramp to South of CSX Bridge

I-75 and SR 60 from South of SR 60 at Slip Ramp to South of CSX Bridge

Client: FDOT District 7

Location: Hillsborough County, Florida

Start Date: April 2016

Completion Date: May 2018


The purpose of this project is to improve safety and reduce congestion on I-75 from south of SR 60 at the existing CD slip ramp to south of the CSX bridge (#100471). The project length is approximately 1.5 miles.

This project provides for the realignment of the northbound I-75 on-ramp from the existing CD road south of SR 60 to create a 3,740-foot barrier-separated ramp along I-75. Additionally, the eastbound SR 60 to northbound I-75 loop ramp entrance from the SR 60 mainline will be realigned to share the existing eastbound SR 60 to southbound I-75 ramp to create a dedicated eastbound SR 60 to I-75 on-ramp. Retaining wall will be constructed along eastbound SR 60 under the first span of the I-75 bridges to allow for the new on-ramp alignment with barrier separation. The new alignment will rebuild the existing loop ramp and will then connect to the new barrier separated CD road creating a two-lane barrier separated ramp. The existing I-75 northbound bridge (#100496) will be widened to accommodate this new barrier separated two-lane ramp which will tie into I-75 north of SR 60. Additional work includes drainage, utility coordination, geotechnical, permitting, lighting, and ITS.

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Project Category: Roadway / Traffic Engineering