Ambassador Bridge Enhancement

Ambassador Bridge Enhancement

Client: Detroit International Bridge Company

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Construction Value: $500,000,000

Completion Date: 2008


Design of a high level bridge over the Detroit River between the US and Canada. The project included numerous permits from federal, state, local and provincial agencies in both the Unites States and Canada; Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Statement in both countries; field surveys including wetlands, land use, wildlife, vegetation, socioeconomics, contamination, and noise impacts; extensive public involvement including public meetings and hearings; and communication through a public website. The Final Environmental Assessment is currently under review with the USCG, the lead agency. American was responsible for the study, design, and permitting of this international crossing. The bridge types taken to conceptual design included a suspension structure to match the existing bridge and a cable stayed bridge to span the 2,250’ between supports across the river. Final design included a steel superstructure supported by concrete tower piers on each bank of the Detroit River.

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Project Category: Structures