Crosstown Parkway Extension, Manth Lane to US 1

Crosstown Parkway Extension, Manth Lane to US 1

Client: City of Port St. Lucie

Location: Port St. Lucie, Florida

Completion Date: Estimated 2015


This project is the final segment of a new $150 million, 10-mile parkway that was planned, designed, and constructed by the City of Port St Lucie. This final eastern 1.5-mile segment between Manth Lane and US 1 includes an elevated 4,000-foot long bridge that crosses the Savannas Preserve State Park, North Fork St. Lucie River Aquatic Preserve, and sovereign submerged lands. The first part of the project required an early assessment of environmental impacts and potential mitigation options to obtain a conceptual permit from the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) and informal approval from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This work was conducted concurrently with the City’s preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement and Section 4(f) evaluation for the new river crossing.

The second part of the project includes preliminary and 60 percent design, and the development of the design-build criteria package, which includes a new six-lane roadway and bridge. American is responsible for the overall project management including any revisions to the corridor master plan. Services also include hydrologic studies and drainage design, landscape and irrigations plans, architectural plans, utility coordination and the necessary adjustment plans, signalization, and structures design for the 4,000-foot long bridge. Environmental tasks during design include wetland delineation, wildlife surveys, Section 7 consultation, extensive coordination with state and federal agencies, design traffic noise update, and permitting.

American is also serving as the technical support team for the City’s technical review committee during the design-build selection process.

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