Hart Bridge over St. Johns River Painting and Rehabilitation

Hart Bridge over St. Johns River Painting and Rehabilitation

Awards: 2012 George Campbell Award from the Society for Protective Coatings annual Structure Awards for outstanding achievement in the completion of a difficult or complex industrial or commercial coatings project

Client: FDOT District 2

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Construction Value: $1.2 million

Completion Date: 2011


Under a District-wide Bridge Repair contract, American was responsible for completing a full finite element analysis, load rating and re-painting and rehabilitation design of the Hart Bridge over the St. Johns River, a three-span continuous steel truss having span lengths of 748’, 1,088’ and 748’. The project began with a review and evaluation of the deficiencies identified in the latest inspection report, followed by a comprehensive structural analysis of the entire bridge using net section properties based on the deficiencies identified in the latest inspection report. This analysis was then used to identify areas of special concern for careful observation and measurement of the amount of corrosion during our own inspection. After completion of the thorough evaluation from the structural analysis and the inspection, plans were prepared to require the cleaning and painting of all steel in the truss using a four coat system consisting of an organic zinc rich epoxy primer, epoxy intermediate paint, pigmented aliphatic polyurethane finish paint and an ultraviolet light resistant colorless and clear coat. Complete rehabilitation and repair plans were developed to address all items identified in the inspection report for members and elements with deficiencies that compromised the structural capacity. After completion of the rehabilitation and painting plans, a load rating of all structural members of the truss including the upper and lower chords, diagonals, struts, sway bracing and all connection plates was undertaken using a full finite element analysis of the entire truss along with each connection. This project was the first by FDOT using the performance-based coating system specification.

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Project Category: Structures