I-75 at SR 884 (Colonial Boulevard) Interchange

I-75 at SR 884 (Colonial Boulevard) Interchange

Client: Florida Department of Transportation District 1

Location: Lee County, Florida

Construction Value: $311,222

Completion Date: Ongoing


The purpose of this project is to reconstruct the existing I-75 Colonial Interchange facility from the existing six 12-foot travel lanes (three in each direction) to provide for the ultimate typical section as defined in the PD&E study.  The ultimate typical section provides for a ten-lane facility with two express lanes and three general use lanes in each direction. This project included approving the MLOU with FHWA and analysis using VISSIM, SYNCHRO and HCS and providing recommendations for future improvements.  The study area extends from approximately ¼ mile west of Ortiz Avenue to approximately ¼ mile east of Dynasty Drive.  Five different interchange configurations were evaluated at the I-75 interchange. In addition to developing long-term solutions to meet year 2038 traffic demand, midterm improvements were developed along SR 884 and the I-75 ramps to minimize throwaway costs when expanding the long-term improvements. American has prepared the Methodology Letter of Understanding approved by FHWA, and draft Interchange Modification Report (IMR) all in close coordination with the District and its DIRC.  The intent of this project is to first perform all necessary traffic studies/reports.  If the traffic is justified, then this project will move into design along with a major PD&E reevaluation.

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Project Category: Transportation Planning / Traffic