I-10 Rest Areas
I-10 Rest Areas
Santa Rosa County, Florida

American has the experience, the highly qualified and available staff and familiarity of the Design-Build process to ensure successful completion of projects in which we are teamed. Our team includes key individuals who are familiar with working on over $125 million (design fee) in Design-Build projects. Our management team has developed a cohesive working relationship and will provide a quality project on time and within budget. We look forward to the opportunity to partner and collaborate with you on your next Design-Build project.

Benefits of teaming with American for Design-Build:

  • Time Savings: American prides itself on meeting or exceeding schedule demands on even the most stringent Design-Build project.
  • Design and Construction Cost Savings: With the owner, designer and contractor working together as a team, alternative designs can be evaluated in terms of cost, schedule, quality, and construction efficiency. American’s experienced staff is committed to delivering the highest value established within budget.
  • Earlier Knowledge of Costs: American’s experience includes providing cost estimates with a thorough understanding of the Design-Build process, providing our partners and owner a team focused on providing maximum value.
  • Quality: American has key management staff dedicated to Quality Control on every Design-Build project.
  • Communication and Partnering: Design-Build can be more challenging for an owner than traditional project delivery methods. American has the knowledge and expertise in communication throughout the duration of a project and has successfully partnered on each of their Design-Build projects.