PD&E / Environmental / NEPA

Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project
Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project
Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario


Providing PD&E services early is critical in the life of a project in determining whether it can move into design. American’s talents include full PD&E capabilities. The PD&E includes establishing the purpose and need for the project, developing concepts, assessing the economic and environmental impacts, while engaging the public in the evaluation process and finally documenting the improvements for approval for design by federal, state and/or local agencies.

Services include:

  • Traffic evaluation of future travel demand
  • Engineering evaluation of viable concepts
  • Environmental assessment of potential impacts
  • Public outreach to gain public acceptance


Developers and agencies face an increasing challenge to produce environmentally conscious designs that meet communities’ transportation needs yet minimize and mediate any impacts to the environment. From collecting engineering data, to delineating wetlands, observing species or recording noise readings, our team is experienced in all aspects of the environmental field. American can provide on demand technical and field support for environmental resource management, environmental monitoring, environmental resource permits, NEPA documentation, and mitigation plans and production.

American provides comprehensive and balanced services to meet the challenges of any project, whether big or small and include:

  • Permitting
  • Wetland Delineation and Mitigation
  • Ecological Studies
  • Essential Fish Habitat Assessments
  • Endangered Species Biological Assessments
  • Wildlife Surveys and Mitigation
  • Section 7 Consultation
  • NEPA Documentation (PCE, CE, EA, EIS)
  • Section 4(f) Assessments
  • Traffic Noise Assessment
  • Air Quality Assessments
  • Contamination Screenings
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
  • Water Quality Management
  • GIS Analysis

American has extensive experience with permitting and regulatory agencies. Experience has shown that environmental permitting can be one of the biggest challenges in timing for projects. Our staff of professionals understands this and takes a proactive approach to review the potential for these issues early in a schedule and has consistently received permits on, or ahead, of schedule. The nature of the services that we provide requires that we coordinate with regulatory and permitting agencies on a constant basis so it is vital that we are extremely familiar with this process.