Roadway / Traffic Engineering

Turnpike Mainline Widening
Turnpike Mainline Widening
Broward County, Florida

Roadway is the integration of mobility of vehicles, commerce/freight, bicycles, pedestrians, and transit. The design has to accommodate movement in a safe, efficient manner while minimizing impacts to adjacent residents, businesses and property owners. Design needs to accommodate utilities within the corridor and drainage needs, while minimizing environmental impacts.

American has provided these services by finding solutions to owner and community concerns. With our talented staff, we have the complete design capabilities for any roadway project, including drainage, which is done in conjunction with any roadway project. We know how to design those elements in conjunction with one another for the design to be efficient at the least cost. In addition, utility coordination is a part of our talents and it starts at the beginning of a project to integrate needs through the design process.

American also provides Context Sensitive Solutions—the integration of multi-modal and landscape elements—blending them with the context of the surrounding area, neighborhood and environment. The end result of what American provides is making the elements work together, while taking the surrounding area into consideration.