Survey / Mapping / GIS

Lutz Lake Fern Road
Lutz Lake Fern Road
Lutz, Florida


American provides professional mapping at a high level of service, with staff who have more than 25 years of industry experience. We coordinate all survey services for engineering projects, providing survey and mapping design on any size projects. During life of a project, our survey staff are traditionally the first guys in and last guys out. We take what we see in the field, take a snap shot and turn it into a digital model for designers to take it to the next level in a project cycle.

Our mapping services include:

  • Right-of-way mapping, with maps showing
    • Extent of right-of-way
    • Topographic features
    • Terrain modeling
  • Preparation of legal descriptions
  • Specific purpose surveys
  • Wetland and environmental mapping


Another service we provide is survey and asset inventory mapping, which includes emergency service mapping. We have the ability to map a whole county in mobile mapping unit to use after catastrophic events, which we did after Hurricane Charlie in Charlotte County and Hurricanes Frances and Gene in Port St. Lucie.

Through use of GPS we are able to inventory, replace and note deficiencies on any infrastructure element such as:

  • Replace signs and signals
  • Reposition elements
  • Replace drainage