Transportation Planning / Traffic

I-75 at SR 52/College Drive Traffic Study
I-75 at SR 52/College Drive Traffic Study
Whitfield County, Georgia

Precision traffic engineering is critical to Community Master Plans as they often dictate the need for additional roadway infrastructure and zoning control. Using the latest technology in traffic analysis and simulation software such as HCS, SIDRA, VISSIM, CORSIM, and SYNCHRO, our traffic engineers can determine the safest and most economic traffic modeling for the traveling public.

American’s traffic engineering services for operations and design encompass a wide spectrum of projects from local streets to multilevel freeway systems. Perhaps more importantly, American understands real-world conditions and application purposes, selecting the right tools for each job.

Traffic Operations

  • Traffic Analysis
  • Interchange studies (IMR, IJR, IOAR,and SIJR)
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Corridor Analysis
  • Traffic Simulation Studies
  • Alternative Analysis including roundabout modeling

Traffic Studies

  • Signal Warrant Studies
  • Traffic Calming Initiatives
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Signal Timings Studies
  • Intersection Improvement Studies
  • Lighting Justification Studies
  • Qualitative Assessment Studies
  • Design Traffic Technical Memorandum
  • Signing Inventory Studies
  • Roundabout Justification Studies