US 41 PD&E Study

From Kracker Avenue to South of SR 676 (Causeway Boulevard) This PD&E study evaluated improvements for the four- to six-lane widening of US 41 (SR 45) from Kracker Avenue to South of Causeway Boulevard (SR 676), approximately 7 miles. Bridges over Bullfrog Creek and the Alafia River are recommended to be replaced. The proposed improvements […]
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Subarea Corridor and Special Studies Planning

On-call consultant services for FDOT District Seven’s System Planning Department American provides on-call consultant services for FDOT District Seven’s System Planning Department. This contract includes miscellaneous corridor and subarea planning, special transportation studies, development impacts on state highway system and general transportation planning support. A sample of tasks assigned include […]
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Districtwide Miscellaneous PD&E Consultant

Miscellaneous Environmental Support Services This contract provides miscellaneous environmental support services for projects within District Three’s five-year work program and range from environmental reviews, reevaluations, commitment monitoring, document reviews, wetland delineation and evaluations, cultural resources, navigation studies, air and noise studies, mitigation plans/banks, wildlife and habitat studies […]
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